Pokémon GO Field Research Quests Bot

by Team 23
Pokémon GO Field Research Quests Bot

This bot helps share information about Pokémon GO Field Research Quests.
You can see found quests on a map https://pogoquest.team23.ru/ or subscribe for notifications in channel @PoGoQuest

You can report a quest in a two ways:

  1. In private chat with bot by command /report

2. In any chat via inline-mode bot.

Next you will be asking for a quest category.

And then you need to choose a quest from the list.

In the end you need to specify a pokéstop where quest was discovered.

The bot will list nearby ones. It’s possible to refine pokéstop list by entering part of it’s title (3 letters min).

September 30, 2019
PoGo Quest Bot